Malcolm Turnbull still reigns in property

As the Wentworth by-election looms this Saturday, its former member Malcolm Turnbull will likely be watching intently.

Our former Prime Minister could comfortably stay tuned from any number of his slick residences around the world, which span from Australia to New York.

Turnbull was once Co-Chairman at Goldman and Sachs and his healthy income no doubt helped towards his lavish property portfolio.

Point Piper mansion

There’s a reason why he earned the nickname ‘Mr Harbourside Mansion’, with his sprawling Point Piper home in harbourside Sydney.

Turnbull originally bought the house back in 1994 for $5.43 million, and purchased the adjoining property for $7.1 m in 1999.

He still calls this ‘home’ and can be found enjoying the waterside life for the majority of the year.

This is the luxury view that greets the Turnbulls in the morning. Picture:

Paddington palace

Right in the heart of Paddington, this five-bedroom terrace home once belonged to Turnbull and is currently on the market.

He bought the home back in 1988 for a then-record for the suburb of $2 million. It is set to break records again for the area with a $15 million price guide.

44 Goodhope Street, Paddington was once owned by Turnbull and is on the market again. Picture:

A New York state of mind

After he was booted from the top job, Turnbull fled to his luxury New York City pad.

It is the only full-floor home in the southern tower of the world renowned Century Condominium and is currently on the market.

A five-bedroom multi-unit in the building was recently listed for $22 million, which means Turnbull could be set to make a jaw-dropping fortune on this international retreat.

Malcolm Turnbull’s NYC pad could make him big, big bucks. Picture:

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Malcolm Turnbull still reigns in property